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Benn Coifman:
I have always loved trains and the interest heightened in the late 1980's as I became active in several railroad museums. I went on to grad school in electrical engineering only to get derailed by the trains, switching over to transportation engineering. This is also the period when I started to create my rail fonts. Since then I've created over 50 rail fonts. I have also joined up with several other rail font artists, as listed below, and you can find their work on www.RailFonts.com as well.

Coming Soon by Benn:
Milwaukee Road Wayside

Randal O'Toole:
Is a member of the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association (PRPA) and helped restore the SP&S 700 steam locomotive to operation. He produced the collection of Randal Icons for the Mac. One third of the purchase price of this collection go to the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association to help maintain and operate the locomotive.

Clifford J Vander Yacht:
I grew up in the '30s thru '50s within a half mile of the Pere Marquette; home, grade school, high school, college, and summer camping. In 1974 I began to model the PM. In 1963 I learned typography, so that match led to my first fonts, the PM and C&O. I suggested to Benn he include my fonts and he sent me on the quest for more. I found, via a round about way, the drawings only a few miles away. That Nickel Plate font sparked my creativity (wild imagination). It's fun. See www.rlhs.org Newsletter site.

Fonts by Cliff:
Atlantic (alternate)

Chesapeake (alternate)

Chesapeake1976 (compare to the lettering once used by Chessie System)

Illinois Central (alternate)


Nickel Plate Road

Railroad Roman 4 (compare to the lettering once used by C&O)

Railroad Roman 5 (compare to the lettering once used by Pere Marquette)

Railroad Roman 7 (compare to the lettering once used by Clinchfield)

Seaboard (alternate)

Otto M. Vondrak:
hails from suburban Westchester County, New York, and has been interested in model trains and railroading since age five. Otto attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he received his BFA in Graphic Design. While at RIT, he founded the RIT Model Railroad Club, and has been an active volunteer with the Rochester Chapter NRHS, and the New York Museum of Transportation. Since leaving Rochester, he moved back to Westchester where he is currently production manager for Hudson Valley Magazine, and designer for Westchester Magazine. Otto is also a partner in the popular railfan web site RAILROAD.NET, where he is Creative Director. Many of his articles, track plans and illustrations have appeared in Railroad Model Craftsman over the years, and he is also a regular contributor to Railpace News magazine. In his free time, Otto is a leader for his local Boy Scout troop, and enjoys camping and the outdoors.

Fonts by Otto:
JadeGreen (compare to the lettering once used by Penn Central)

Consolidated (compare to the lettering once used by Conrail)

Anthracite Railroads Historical Society:

The ARHS created the Lehigh Valley font from original company drawings in the historical society's archives. One third of the purchase price of this font go to support the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society.

All fonts and accompanying files are ©/Æ1994-2005 Benjamin Coifman and all artwork ©/Æ1994-2004 Benjamin Coifman, all rights reserved.